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     How not to scare visitors with PPN Gateway and make money

I am asked many times how those Pay Per Install program works and how to make money with them. Well this is hard question but I can give you simple answer. In this article I will show you that you can use Pinball Publisher Network - PPN also on member based sites and you will not scare them. I will show you that it is possible to make money even with blogs using PPN "Gateway" and not scare users.

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You make money with PPN when visitor comes to your site and downloads toolbar. It is similar toolbar like from Google or Yahoo, there are just some PPN links and time to time popup some advert. This way is PPN making money and thanks to this they can give away free content to webmasters and webmasters who use this free content can make money.

I will talk here about the Pinball Publisher Network "Gateway", this is one of the 3 methods how webmasters can make money with PPN. The others are "Syndication" where you get free content for your site and "Referrals", classic referral program.

So the "Gateway" is good for sites, which have already some content, which is accessed by visitors. There is a need of having traffic. Site without traffic can't make money in any business. :) So once you have this site (blog, game site, mp3 site, movie site, download site, ...) and you feel like to make some money because visitors are downloading too much and it costs you some money already. Than this PPN "Gateway" is here to help you.

With this you can protect your content and where you place the PPN "Gateway" code that page will be protected and visitors are than asked to download the PPN Toolbar. This the time you are waiting for, it is your money. The "Gateway" content is explaining to visitor that the content they would like to see is free and to keep it free they need to install this "PPN Toolbar". Well there is few types of "Gateways". With some you can let visitors to access your content even they click "NO" for installation and with other you just don't let them enter at all. May be you have a question "What if I have PPN Toolbar installed and I come to site where is again PPN protected content?" here is simple answer "You get this content also FREE". There is no need of any other installs. So this is also benefit for visitor, he/she gets access to many free content sites. Here is nice example of blog using gateway right on the first page:

This text is shown in the "Gateway" window:

Thanks to PPN, premium content on this and other websites is free, paid for by advertising. Once installed and while online, PPN software (with Weather) presents ads (based on keywords sent to PPN from your Internet browsing) in the PPN Toolbar and in a separate browser window that pops up on your screen. The PPN Outlook/Outlook Express Toolbar and PPN Word Toolbar give you access to free emoticons and other fun content from within those applications when you are online. PPN is always running and will upgrade automatically. You can uninstall PPN via Add/Remove Programs, but then won't have access to most PPN content.

I must say that from my experience I would be scared if I came to site and first think what popups is PPN and wants me to install something and I do not even know what is on that page. This is not very good behavior for member-based sites for example blogs. To the blog are people coming also through search engines and they would like to see first what is it about and get little bit touched by the content. So is it possible to use PPN even here on blogs?

It is simple, you just use some simple code at your site which will tell to the browser that PPN "Gateway" will popup after certain number of pages viewed. So you can say that it will show after the visitor will open 4 pages. First 4 he will see for free and the others are free after installing the Toolbar.

Most Blogging systems are programmed in PHP and I know some PHP programming also and here I show you the code that you can use.
We need to count visited pages so the code should be on every single page, which you would like to protect. The code can be also placed to some common place like the "header".
Many blogging systems (like Wordpress) are using templates and there is the "header" file. Anyway the PHP code can be placed in *.PHP files or templates (several extension like *.TPL) if it is supported by the blogging system so do not put it to normal HTML files since it will not work.
PHP is similar like HTML and is supported by many web hosting companies even those free are supporting PHP so do not worry that you don't have it on your host.

And finally here is the code in PHP:

$views = 4;
$_SESSION['ppn_cash'] = 0;
  if (isset($_SESSION['pages'])) {                     
      if ($_SESSION['pages'] < $views) {
        $_SESSION['pages'] = $_SESSION['pages']+ 1;
      } else {
            $_SESSION['ppn_cash'] = 1;
  } else {
          $_SESSION['pages'] = 1;
if ($_SESSION['ppn_cash'] == 1) {
<!-- PPN Gateway code START -->
<!-- PPN Gateway code END -->

Now you nee to put this code to your pages and PPN Javascript between these 2 lines:

<!-- PPN Gateway code START -->
<!-- PPN Gateway code END -->

Now it should be complete and you should be making money with this script. To set how many pages are shown before the PPN "Gateway" popups you need to change the number in variable $views where is now number 4.

And do not forget to signup to Pinball Publisher Network You should have your site ready and have some traffic because PPN team is reviewing sites and talking to webmasters before they are accepted. They do this all to get rid of cheaters so if you are serious I am sure you will succeed.

About the Author:

Dino is runnig long time Webmaster resources site at Webmaster Money and finaly site dedicated to Pay Per Install Programs at Pay Per Install. This article was place on Pay Per Install where is more PPI related articles and resources.


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