There is many webmasters whou would like to make money with their website or specialy if they have software available for download. It this case are PPI programs right for you since you just bundle special EXE file with your SW and with every download you make money. Most of these Pay Per Install Programs offer bundle EXE to their code. There is also option for othe webmasters to put ActiveX code or insert iframe into their site. This way if someone enters particular page he is prompted to download special SW (you make money) or leave. Some Pay Per Install programs offer also free content for those who dont have their own SW. Above there is a link to article where they tell you how to make $100 per day. Now lets start and make money for each download. This Pay Per Install (Pay Per Download sites will help you)

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     Make money with Loudmo Content gateway is simple

A lot of affiliates wonder what Pay Per Install programs are and how to make money from them. It's actually really easy to use products like the LoudMo Gateway Protection Technology ("Gateway") on a member-based site to make money from website traffic and not scare users from your site or blog.

LoudMo is one of the best Pay per install affiliate program because their company is converting great, has new tools, and best of all pays up to $1.50 per install for users around the world. To signup use this link LoudMo

You get paid when a user visits your site and tries to access restricted content. If they install the LoudMo gateway ad plugin, you get paid. This means that you can provide free content on your site or blog, but still make money!

Gateway is only 1 of 4 techniques for affiliates to make money from LoudMo. They also offer an FLV direct flash video player, ChameleonTom Facebook profile editing tool, and a referral program that can earn you 5% bonus commission for each affiliate you refer.

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The Gateway Protection Technology is one of the best money making tools for affiliates that have content on a website or blog. It is also very important that this site has lots of traffic. If you place the Gateway on a website with no visitors, you are not going to make any money! A popular webpage is going to make you lots of money because every time a user wants to look at videos or read articles, you can protect your content with Gateway. But, most importantly, get paid too!

To start to make money, place a LoudMo Gateway on the page you wish to protect and monetize. When a visitor tries to access this content, they will see a message explaining about how the content is free and is kept free by users installing the LoudMo ad plugin. If they download it they can access the content for free, but if they do not install it they can not enter. Users only have to download the ad plugin once and then can access your content anytime after.

And do not forget to signup to LoudMo You should have your site ready and have some traffic because LoudMo team is reviewing sites and talking to webmasters before they are accepted. They do this all to get rid of cheaters so if you are serious I am sure you will succeed.

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