There is many webmasters whou would like to make money with their website or specialy if they have software available for download. It this case are PPI programs right for you since you just bundle special EXE file with your SW and with every download you make money. Most of these Pay Per Install Programs offer bundle EXE to their code. There is also option for othe webmasters to put ActiveX code or insert iframe into their site. This way if someone enters particular page he is prompted to download special SW (you make money) or leave. Some Pay Per Install programs offer also free content for those who dont have their own SW. Above there is a link to article where they tell you how to make $100 per day. Now lets start and make money for each download. This Pay Per Install (Pay Per Download sites will help you)
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     Pay Per Install guide I - make money without website

There is time for another article about making money with PPI programs. Making money this way is not always considered as legal way because you are basically spreading adware and even spyware to other users computer. you must be strong to be able to do it and I can say that pay-per-install companies are even stronger if they can survive fighting the law. Earning potential is in this part of Internet very high. You can make even $7.000 USD per day!

Let me first explain what pay per install is and its earning potential. PPI is a business model like PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPA (Cost Per Action) where affiliate programs pay you per click/action but instead getting people to click on their ads or making some action, you get users to install a file. The file contains adware and sometimes also dirty stuff like spyware or even viruses.

There are 3 different methods how you get rewarded. First part is simple, you get paid simply per install. Rates are lower but you get always paid. Other system pays you not after each install but you get revenue share which can bring you much more money. Here in revenue share you get paid per product sale (adverts selling antivirus) or per user click (search results like Google are clicked). Per sale is sure money for PPI company and they dont risk with this method so you get much more out of it same is with "pay per click" where are bit lower numbers but they are repeated for many days until EXE is uninstalled from infected computer. First case is basically paying you some average rate which is profitable for them but they also sell some SW or get money from clicking on search pages.

That file will not damage the infected user computer. The file pretend to be a virus and force users to buy antivirus program from this company and there is money made for you if user buy this software. Or this file will change behavior of browser and can modify search results or instead of error pages shows search results related to keywords and after user clicks on them you get paid also.

How much money can you make with PPI companies? Top earners in the entire pay per install business making $5,000 - $7,000 a DAY which is for you beginner not achievable in first year. If you can work a couple of hours a day and you know what your doing, you can easily get over $200 daily. Once you understand what you are doing you can make much more.

Getting Started: First make sure you have a bittorrent client, you can get them for free and here is one very popular and I can suggest to download it even you use other clients.

Other step is to signup to some of the PPI companies, there are right now 3 worth to use Click Installs, Private PPI - only on recommendation and Gangsta Bucks. Each of them is different when talking about how aggressive and detectable is the EXE provided. I suggest not to test those EXE on your working computer.

>>> Sign up for ClickInstalls here
>>> Sign up for Private PPI here only serious recommended partners
>>> Sign up for Gangsta Bucks here

Updated list of Pay Per Install programs

Once you signed up with one of these programs you will need to get their EXE. It is easy to find it in control panel and if you are not able to find it than talk to the support who will give you latest file.

Warning: Simply download it, DO NOT OPEN THE FILE. You will be installing the adware/spyware/virus on your PC and you will not even notice! It is a "silent install" which means once you open it, it might seem like nothing is happening but your PC is already infected! This file is for spreading to other people and not yourself!

Download it into a new folder which you create on your desktop.

Now you need to get some files to bind/combine with your downloaded exe. You can download some popular exe files from

Once you have a some exe files, your want to start binding them with your personal EXE file.

Note: If you already have a personal binder, you can skip this next step and continue below, else follow it to use a free binder that already comes with your Windows PC. It is actually not as complicated as it seems. You can also ask PPI program support if they would give you binder also.

On your desktop, open your start menu. Then click on Run. Then when the Run window opens, type in “iexpress” and click on OK. The IExpress Wizard program should now open.

1. Click Next
2. Click Next
3. It will ask you for a title, put anything in and then click Next
4. Then Next again
5. Then Next again
6. Now you should be at the screen where it asks you to add your files. First add the .EXE that you have downloaded from your PPI company earlier. Next add the other .exe file that you have downloaded from either ThePirateBay or Mininova or elsewhere. Then click Next.
7. Now you’ll be at the “Install Program To Launch”. Make sure to change it to the follow -

Install Program: “your PPI EXE”.exe
Post Install Command: “your downloaded EXE file”.exe

Then click Next.
8. Next again.
9. Choose where to install this new combined file of yours then click Next.
10. Now select “No restart” and click Next.
11. Select “No Save” and Next again.
12. Now click Next one more time and there, you have your package.

Those few steps are not difficult if you know basics on PC and if you can not work this out than you should leave this page because you could harm your PC and others too.

Now you have prepared your binded files and you are asking how do you make money with this. It is simple, you binded together file that user wants to get and file (your personal PPI EXE with your code). So once user will download and install one "binded" file he will actually get 2 files after installation and you get paid per this install.

Example: You go and download a “1-Click YouTube Downloader Version 3.5” from You bind the youtube_downloader.exe file with the PPI silent installer file together using free binder. Now you have new package .exe file that you can name “youtube_downloader_working.exe”. Now you will turn that file into a torrent and reupload onto ThePirateBay, Mininova and other torrent sites. When other users download the file and install "1-Click YouTube Downloader Version 3.5", the silent installer is also installed therefore you get paid.


Now, onto the next step of turning your package/combined file into a torrent and uploading it back onto torrent sites. Open up uTorrent that you have downloaded earlier. I can not help you if you are using any other torrent software.

Now press ctrl-n. A new window should popup that says “Create New Torrent”. Under “Select Source”, click on Add File and select your newly packaged .exe file. Now under torrent properties and next to Trackers:, copy and paste this in -

Now move all the way to the bottom and click on Create and Save as and save it somewhere. Next, you will need to upload that new torrent file you just created and saved somewhere.

Here is a list of some torrent sites you can upload to:


These 2 above will provide you with majority of downloads, however it is always good to upload onto some smaller sites such are the ones below.


Remember that now you need to advertise your file so you need to make your title and description as catchy as possible!

Also note that you will probably (almost definitely) going to have to change your IP constantly, I will not explain how to do that here, you can go and Google it. Some helpful terms are “Tor IP Changer”, “Change My IP Free”, and “How To Change My IP”. Tor is a free IP changer program so you might want to look into that.

About the Author:

Dino is runnig long time Webmaster resources site at Webmaster Money and finaly site dedicated to Pay Per Install Programs at Pay Per Install. This article was place on Pay Per Install where is more PPI related articles and resources.


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